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Whole-school training

Our whole school training is a game-changer.We give schools the framework to build a consistent and effective approach to the way everyone manages behaviour and builds relationships. We really, honestly know how to achieve consistency.

We listen

This is the first thing we do. We’ll find out what’s going well and the areas you’re looking to improve. Schools are different; your catchment will be unique. We’ll tailor our approach to your circumstances to help ensure success.

We build on good practice

Great practice will already be going on at your at school. We don’t dismantle stuff that’s working; we’ll help you build on it, spread it and embed it across the whole school. In our experience, all the strategies to manage behaviour effectively will already be going on in your school. We just make sure everyone is using all the great strategies, all the time.

We deliver

The most convincing and attractive approach to behaviour management I’ve ever heard”.
Simon Hitchings, Headteacher, St Aubyn’s School, Brighton.

We don’t like vague. We loath wishy-washy. That’s why we’ll give you a day’s worth of real strategies that all your staff will be desperate to use the next day.

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What we cover

  • The secret to creating limits and building relationships – and the reasons why both are so essential
  • A wide range of specific strategies for dealing calmly and assertively with behaviour, and for establishing the consistent approach necessary for success
  • A range of effective strategies for ensuring that policy turns into practice
  • Fun! Through a range of activities, we’ll look at how changing our own behaviour comes before changing the behaviour of others
  • Coverage of some super-simple, super-effective strategies for embedding behaviour for learning

In essence

Our approach sets out to ensure the balance between support and limit-setting. In other words, we’ll help your staff nurture with structure.

The teachers we all liked at school were invariably really nice and really strict (by which we now mean consistent). This is our aim for the day – to create very nice and very consistent classroom practitioners.

Training for everyone

This training is not just for teaching staff. The training is most effective when learning assistants, lunchtime supervisors, administrators, volunteer helpers and even headteachers attend our training. It’s brilliant training and brilliant value.

It might be a cliché but we should never underestimate the power of “all singing from the same hymn sheet”.

Great value effectiveness

Our prices are as fair as our approach. And, we don’t just do a training day and leave you to it. Follow-up sessions and lifetime email and telephone support are included in all our whole-school training packages. Sound good?

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