A behaviour management handout

27th August 2012  |  by Greg

I’m doing some printing. Exciting eh? I’m printing out 80 handouts for a large primary school I’m working with on Wednesday in Melton Mowbray. (Leicestershire schools go back earlier than most.)

So, I thought I’d share it. That’s the FB philosophy and people say they like it. We give our stuff away. Including our behaviour management handout. (It’s constantly changing by the way.)

For example, in May this year, I sat down with a publisher and I turned down a book deal. The reason was that when I’ve finished my book I’m going to give it away right here.

So here it is. Take it. Don’t even credit me, if you don’t want to. It’s not my stuff anyway really. It’s my 4-side distillation of everybody else’s stuff.

Here you go: Behaviour management handout :-)


People also like our outstanding behaviour management policy.



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