Behaviour management course in London, Monday 24th September 2012

11th June 2012  |  by Greg

I’ve always wanted to say “by popular demand”

And this time it’s true. There have been lots of enquiries through the website about when we’d be doing a behaviour management course in London and now we are. I’ll be delivering a day’s worth of behaviour management wisdom to some folks in the London Borough of Hillingdon and you’re cordially invited too.

Great training at a great school

It’s at a school where they already follow the Future Behaviour approach and I’ve delivered whole school training there twice. It’s a big school with its fair share of challenges. That said, they are still doing some simply amazing work in their community.

Along with the training, you’ll get the chance to see the school in action and chat with staff who’ve been using the approach for a while now. They’ll tell you all about putting the theory into practice.

The session is a time, cash and cover-saving 1pm until 5pm one. We think they’re the future. You even get your lunch.

Sound good? You’ll find more details here:

Behaviour management course in London



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