Lunchtime Supervisor Training

*Limited time offer. Usually £349. Excludes travel expenses.

Looking for the UK’s leading Lunchtime Supervisor Training?

Our lunchtime supervisor training helps ensures your lunchtime goes really smoothly by:

  • making sure you know exactly how you want lunchtime behaviour to look
  • making sure lunchtime supervisors know exactly what to do when they don’t get this behaviour
  • sharing the skills needed to deal calmly and assertively with challenging behaviour
  • training staff to effectively de-escalate situations around behaviour
  • emphasising the essential role lunchtime supervisors play in safeguarding children, and the ways they should do this

What will it look like?

Training can take place in the morning or the afternoon and we cover everything in a couple of hours. We arrive at your school for 8.30 am or 12.30pm. We’ll have a chat for half an hour or so about any specific issues you’re having, and also talk you through some things you and the rest of the teaching staff can do to promote and support calmer and happier lunchtimes.

At 9.00am/after lunch, we’ll start the training with the lunchtime staff. It’s really helpful if a member of the leadership team is in attendance to ensure we’re singing from the same hymn sheet. We believe that schools should define lunchtime expectations, leaving lunchtime staff with the single job of upholding these expectations. The first thing we need to do is agree what these expectations should be- and that’s what we do. We also clarify the responses lunchtime supervisors will have– and they don’t include shouting or nagging. After that, we’re at your service to help you embed a new, consistent approach to lunchtimes.

Give your lunchtime staff some love!

When was the last time your lunchtime staff had some training? Not only does our lunchtime supervisor training give staff clear guidelines on how to be a great member of the lunchtime team, but their morale gets a shot in the arm too. We understand the challenges they face and give them the tools to make them more effective and happier in their jobs.

Lunchtime Observation Included

Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can really help when it comes to your lunchtime routines. We’ve been improving lunchtime behaviour in schools for over 10 years so we’ve picked up some quite magical tips to help your lunchtimes run like clockwork. We’ll even send you a lunchtime report highlighting your strengths and areas for development.

“The impact of the training was instant and massive. Our lunchtime staff are now very clear and very confident about how to promote the best behaviour and how to respond when they don’t get it. We also now have the consistency we’ve been seeking across break and lunchtime. The approach is so simple yet so effective and now the whole school uses it.”

Richard Yates, Headteacher at West Drayton Primary School.

How do I know if the training is any good?

We’ve delivered this training in over 500 schools nationwide- we know it works. In fact, we’re so confident, that if you’re not satisfied in any way, just say and don’t pay. No questions, no ifs, no buts.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the training and support is £349 £249 for a limited time (plus travel expenses from York.)

How many people can attend?

There is no limit to the number of attendees. Basically, you can fill your biggest room! Our aim is to make lunchtimes easier for everyone, not maximise profits.

Do you deliver in my area?

Perth to Port Talbot, London to Leeds, Southport to Southend – yes, we do!

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