How can we help?

How can we help?

We specialise in Whole-school behaviour training for primary and secondary schools. This is how we started and we know it will always be at the centre of what we do.

Although our main focus is whole-school training, we also run regular behaviour courses. Find about our latest behaviour courses here.

In 2008, we started delivering lunchtime supervisor training as an easy way for schools to find out about our approach. It’s proved pretty popular. Since then we’ve delivered our lunchtime training over 350 times in schools the length and breadth of the country. If you’re looking to find out about our approach, and for for a tiny cost, plus get some invaluable training for your lunchtime team, why not book your lunchtime training session today?

We also deliver One-to-One support, because we’re trying to break the mould of traditional training. Sometimes staff need a little help but a day of listening to a sage on the stage (with all the costs this involves) is sometimes not the answer. Some good listening followed by a few friendly and specific pointers can be just the tonic. The difference is that the sessions can be done after school or in the evening, saving on cover costs and allowing the advice to be delivered in bite-size pieces.

We’re also looking to make our resource bank the best on the web. From policies to videos, blog posts to photocopiable resources, we’ll help you out whether we’ve worked with you in an official capacity or not.

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