Our Approach

Our Approach

We give you the structure you need to nurture your learners

We’ve taken all the structures and strategies employed by the best practitioners and broken them down into easily transferable chunks so that we can deliver them to you.

With its emphasis on consistency, fairness and simplicity, the Future Behaviour approach ensures improved classroom behaviour by building better relationships.

The result is simple: higher standards of teaching and learning

Find out how outstanding schools do more than just manage behaviour

It’s not magic. It’s not a gift bestowed only on the few. Great behaviour management is a combination of a great plan and consistent school-wide implementation.

Why does “simple” sometimes seem so complicated?

It doesn’t need to be. Think: Agreed expectations – Agreed consequences – Fair rewards.

Teachers should be teaching

Add up the hours spent dealing with low-level disruption in your school.

With the Future Behaviour approach, teachers teach and learners learn.

Find out how other schools have benefited from the Future Behaviour approach



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