Does your school need in-house short and medium term support with behaviour and learning?

8th May 2016  |  by Greg

Find me my next role

After 8 amazing years at my current school, I’ll be moving on in the summer to concentrate fully on Future Behaviour and a couple of other projects I’ve never had time to get going. Exciting times.

Here’s where I need your help.

I’ve always been proud of being a real teacher. I’ve delivered behaviour training for nearly 10 years now and I’ve always been able to say that the approach I use is the one I used in class this week and the one I’ll use in class next week.

I’d like to carry on doing that.

Future Behaviour will offer a new type of consultancy

Alongside our traditional training, consultancy and support packages, we’ll also be offering short and medium term support packages in your school.

Let’s say you need support with:

  • a difficult cohort
  • a challenging student or number of students
  • an ‘unteachable’ class that you need to ‘get back’
  • one or more teachers that need intensive coaching
  • have staff who’d benefit from team-teaching their classes

Think of it as Super-Supply

We know schools can pay £1000 for a week’s worth of supply. However, for not much more investment, you can have a temporary member of your SLT, that will help you address key behaviour and learning issues, AND cover classes where necessary.

Here’s what I can offer:

  • Cover for your classes, when and where necessary – even the really tough ones!
  • In-house support and guidance for dealing effectively with your more challenging students
  • Full whole-school behaviour management training for all teaching and support staff
  • Behaviour management coaching for teaching and support staff
  • Breaktime and lunchtime behaviour audit and observations with follow-up training and guidance
  • Behaviour policy writing and implementation
  • Team-teaching- working alongside staff to ensure long-term, sustainable improvements in practice
  • Leading assemblies about behaviour
  • Parent meetings and workshops
  • Specialist maths, ICT and PE teaching

If my plans match up with yours…

… then let’s chat!

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