Free behaviour training for lunchtime supervisors

7th January 2011  |  by Greg

There are certain dates in the year that really don’t seem that popular when it comes to whole school training and I, for one, don’t want to waste them.

That’s why I’m offering free behaviour training for lunchtime supervisors  at your school on a few dates in 2011.

The training will give your lunchtime supervisors the skills to deal with behaviour more effectively and more quickly, while at the same time helping them build better relationships with the children in their care. We’ll also look at your lunchtime behaviour policy and see if it could do with a quick refresh.

By improving lunchtime behaviour you’ll ensure that your afternoon learning gets off to the best start possible but seeing as the training is priced at the very reasonable £0, the dates will go quickly. Book your date by getting in touch here or give us a call on the number below.


UPDATE January 2012: This post is a little old but the offer still stands!

UPDATE November 2012: This post is very old and we now charge for this service – it’s much busier these days! Costs are very reasonable and I, for one, think your lunchtime staff are worth it. When was the last time they had any training?

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