Future Behaviour gets bigger – and so much better!

15th June 2012  |  by Greg

Please welcome Dr Drew Anderson

Our new partner is not shy, but I’ll be introducing him because he would be much more modest about his background, qualifications, experience and expertise than I am prepared to be.

For example, Drew would probably not shout about his PhD in Educational Leadership, his vast experience as headteacher of a BESD school, his OFSTED and SIP training or his development of a postgraduate course in behaviour management at Leeds Metropolitan University.

Least of all would Drew bring attention to the fact that he’s a thoroughly nice bloke, who has his feet firmly planted in the real world of education.

Drew will bring much needed capacity to Future Behaviour but, much more importantly, he’ll bring a vast array of skills we know schools (and other organisations) will be very keen to benefit from.

You’ll be hearing from Drew himself over the coming weeks and months right here. He’ll be sharing some of his experience and expertise in his own thoroughly modest way.

He would never ask you to, so I will recommend that you stay tuned.

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