Introducing Dr Maria Peek

4th June 2020  |  by Greg

I’m so pleased to announce that Dr Maria Peek is now part of the Future Behaviour team.

Maria is an incredibly experienced school leader within the US education system. Whilst working as a school principal, she undertook her Phd in Educational Leadership and specialised in PBIS and school climate.

Her experience of implementing whole school behaviour change using PBIS on the ground in her own schools, coupled with her specialist academic research, makes her perfectly suited to assisting schools with their PBIS and whole school behaviour improvement implementation.

Making Future Behaviour truly international, Maria will be offering Future Behaviour training and support to schools in the US and beyond from her base in Indianapolis, USA.

The aim, as always, is to have the most positive impact we can on the lives of our children and young people. With Maria’s skills marrying so perfectly with ours, we’re so confident we can make our impact even greater, something we’ll certainly need to do in the current climate.

You can contact Maria through our contact page or email her directly: [email protected].

The only thing we need to resolve is how to spell behaviour/behavior.

Or find her on twitter at:

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