Music and work.

23rd December 2010  |  by Greg

Music is a powerful thing.We’ve all got our favourites and we all think our particular taste is the best. Obviously, in my case, it’s true.

I have an insatiable appetite for music and I love to hear other people’s suggestions, so I’ve really enjoyed the sharing features added to Spotify this year. I’ve always loved making mixtapes. I probably enjoyed the making of them much more than recipient enjoyed the listening but who didn’t like getting a real mixtape?

Spotify playlists are much quicker to create but just as much fun. I’ve got a growing list of playlists that tell a musical story of an evening spent with friends and or night at home with my wife. It’s a nice thing. They set the tone for an evening.

Whilst we all know the power of music, do we all use it to its full advantage in education? “Getting ready” and “tidying up” music are pretty commonplace but what about different types of music for art, maths and literacy? What about music from a given country in the background when studying it geography? The right music played underneath the reading of  a poem or story can lift it to a new level. I love to listen to music whilst I work. Sometimes I need to turn it off completely if my focus needs to be complete but often the right sort of music helps me a lot. Why shouldn’t it be used more in the classroom?

To help you find the right music for your work or for the classroom, there is the chance to get your name in a Santa hat to win 3 months of Spotify Premium. Why not share *your* best work and classroom music with the world?

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