The Crucial Four

6th January 2013  |  by Greg

Want to improve your behaviour management? Then start here.

I’ve narrowed down the essential elements of awesome behaviour management into four areas:

#1. The Two Reasons

Starting with the very basics, there are just two reasons children don’t follow instructions. (Bear in mind the eventual aim isn’t just to produce children who just follow our instructions; I just think it’s a good starting point.)

Reason 1: They don’t know what the instructions are.

Reason 2: They choose not to follow them.

Get these sorted and we’re on our way.

Read more about The Two Reasons

#2. Fair Process

Great teachers and great organisations involve everyone in decision making. Fair process involves:

1. Engagement

2. Explanation

3. Expectation clarity (you can see the link with The Two Reasons here too.)

Read more about Fair Process

#3 Nice and Strict

The teachers we really liked at school were really nice and really strict, in equal measure.

Read more about being Nice and Strict

#4 The Reasonableness Test

Is it reasonable? Asking yourself these questions, helps you become nicer and stricter.

  • Is the expectation reasonable?
  • Is the consequence/reaction reasonable?
  • Is the reaction/consequence reasonably delivered?

Read more about The Reasonableness Test

There’s a Prezi too:

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