An outstanding behaviour management policy

24th February 2012  |  by Greg

Why do so many behaviour policies sound the same?

Below you’ll find a link to a behaviour management policy. I think it’s brilliant, and I’ve read a few in my time. Lots of them sound very similar. There is invariably stuff about praise and high expectations and how bullying isn’t tolerated. Often though, specifics are thin on the ground.

The attached policy is from Moortown Primary School in Leeds. They had an OFSTED in November last year and were rated as “outstanding” including for behaviour. I delivered whole school training for them in 2007 and I was invited back last year by the new headteacher, David Roundtree, to refresh the training with all the staff. He took the framework we suggested, added lots of elements that were already working very successfully in the school and ensured the whole thing fitted perfectly with the school’s amazingly positive culture. (We’ve noticed that culture eats policy for breakfast.)

What makes this policy so effective?

I think it’s the fact that it is simply based on the school’s amazing practice. They put the practice first and then let the policy come from that. You can’t really do it the other way round.

Here it is. If you’d like a Word or Pages version, just drop me an email.

Just click to download:

Behaviour Management Policy Screenshot

A big thank you goes to David at Moortown Primary for sharing it with us and with you.

Also, if you’d like help with your personal or whole-school behaviour practice then get in touch.

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