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The benefits

Improved behaviour means improved learning

Someone can have every single one of the necessary skills that make an outstanding teacher, but if the behaviour management skills aren’t there, then we have a problem. When faced with even low-level disruption in class, the temptation is to play safe. With increased confidence and the power of everyone pulling in the same direction, lessons become more interesting, engaging and effective. Watch those standards soar.

Improved behaviour lowers stress and saves money

This benefit is very simple and very true. Our training saves schools money because, as all the data suggests, less stress means lower staff absence.

Teachers teach, school leaders lead

How much fire-fighting do school leaders in your school undertake? Is it really the best use of their time? The best schools have an approach where school leaders become involved in behaviour incidents at an appropriate time – not too early but not too late. Similarly, staff know when it is appropriate to involve school leaders, but are empowered by a specific and powerful system that will help them deal with the majority of incidents themselves. This means everyone can get on with their job.

Everyone gets better

All staff benefit from a consistent whole school behaviour policy. Have you noticed that staff lose the will to hold their line when everybody else isn’t doing the same? When we introduce our approach in your school, everyone is united by a consistent and easily recognisable approach. It’s an approach they believe in – and staff don’t like letting their colleagues down, especially when it’s so obvious to everyone when they do.

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