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Achieve consistency

It’s the plan that counts. Make sure everyone knows what it is.

Consistency is one of your most powerful behaviour management tools – but schools often find it very difficult to achieve. Using consistent language and deciding on consistent consequences as a whole school is essential. Consistency never happens by accident or by waiting and hoping. Schools need to have a conversation, and that’s where we can help.

We’re experts at helping schools to achieve their vison for learning behaviours by providing a tried, tested and very specific structure on which to base your practice.

We need to be more than “fairly fair”

Schools need to do two things to achieve great behaviour.

1. Visualise what great behaviour for learning looks like.

2. Implement a fair, consistent and robust system within which children know when they have made great choices – and also know when they have made not-so-great ones.

With this simple foundation in place, it is so much easier to build relationships and deliver great lessons.

Reasonableness is the key

1. Reasonable expectations

2. Reasonable consequences

3. Reasonably delivered

Keeping our reasonableness in check is key to being consistent and, in turn to, building relationships.

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