How we work

Why are we different?

We specialise

We only do behaviour management training. We live and breathe it. We’ve pulled it apart, looked at all the bits and reassembled it. We’ve researched, questioned, listened, changed our minds and now know that we know behaviour.

We don’t train and run

When you hire us, it’s for the long haul. All our training includes lifetime online and telephone support for all school staff. When we do our initial training, we’ll arrange to follow up within 2-4 weeks so that any teething problems are ironed out quickly.

The support doesn’t end there, though. We’ll return in the next term or so to keep the profile of your new initiative high and make sure your new practice becomes just something you do.

Help will also be on hand for individual teachers. Sometimes staff struggle, and our support is second to none. Whether it’s the extra-challenging class, a new teacher or just a member of staff who can’t see the wood for the trees (we’ve all been there), we know what to suggest because we know the strategies that work. We also offer One-to-One coaching and mentoring.

Teachers listen to teachers

There are some great consultants out there, but once they’ve been out of school for a while, regardless of how good they are, they lose touch with the classroom and their credibility is affected. With a real teacher delivering your training, you get the real message from a real practitioner.

The best quality training from a real teacher. Different.

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