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You’ll probably want to know how things actually work in school, so we’ve picked three schools where they’ve introduced the Future Behaviour approach.

First up is West Drayton Primary School in the London Borough of Hillingdon. A large and ethnically diverse school (over 40 languages are spoken), West Drayton wanted to take a more proactive approach to behaviour. Headteacher Richard Yates tells us how a positive and consistent approach to behaviour has had a massive impact on standards.

Find out more about higher standards at West Drayton

Kippax Greenfield Primary School near Leeds has been using the Future Behaviour approach for a number of years now. Although staff have come and gone, the approach has stayed the same. Headteacher Kirsty Beresford tells us about the benefits for her school and how regular staff training helps ensure behaviour and relationships continue to go from strength to strength.

Read more about the long-term benefits enjoyed by Kippax Greenfield

We also take a look at Heathfield Primary in Southampton. Deputy Headteacher Jason Anderson explains how we were still able to help his school, even after OFSTED recently rated behaviour as “good.” He shares his experience of implementing the system and the benefits staff found in terms of learning and teaching.

Find out more about the benefits for pupils and staff at Heathfield Primary

We also thought you’d like to hear from an individual teacher who’s been using the approach for a number of years now, and in more than one school. Experienced Year 6 teacher Danielle Blaymire tells us about how having the right plan for behaviour led to the highest standards of teaching and learning.

Read how Danielle uses our approach to nurture great learners

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