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One-to-One support


Sometimes individuals need a helping hand. We’ve all had a class we’ve found harder than the rest. Class dynamics are sometimes to blame, and other times we simply can’t see the wood for the trees. Often all that is needed is a different perspective and some fresh ideas.

The books don’t work, they just make you worse

Lots of the people I work with have read lots of behaviour management books, and often they’ve been sent on a “course”. However, they still find themselves stuck. They try to implement what they have learnt from the books and courses but what they really need is someone to help unstick them.

So what happens?

Our One-to-One programmes involve a short series of Skype, Google+ or plain old telephone sessions designed to cover some behaviour management basics before moving on to more specific development areas. The coaching isn’t about being nice any more than it’s about being mean. We make sure that we’re fun to work with, but we won’t just tell you what you want to hear. You’ll get 3 x 40 minutes sessions plus a follow-up session within 2 months to check on progress and iron out any difficulties.


We can also arrange to come in and work alongside teachers in school. Lesson observations, team teaching or exemplar lessons are all available. You decide.

A new approach to professional development

A course in a flashy hotel (with lots of other delegates) plus the cost of cover can make for an expensive day, especially when there is no guarantee of success. Our coaching is done individually (or in a small group within one school) and because we run the sessions after school or in the evening, you’ll save on cover costs. School leaders also recognise that a day of individual training that can be difficult to implement without support from other staff, so our service provides unlimited telephone and email support. Add to this our 100% satisfaction guarantee and you can see why our new approach has proved so popular.

Find out more about how One-to-One coaching worked for secondary science teacher Neil Green


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