Our Approach

End low level disruption

Add up the hours spent dealing with low level disruption in your school

We’re pretty certain you’ll find it’s more than those lost to the more serious stuff that happens. That’s why you’ll receive a hatful of strategies for dealing with the small stuff really quickly and effectively, so that everyone can get on with their learning.

Below the radar

Some students regularly stay below the radar of behaviour management systems but quietly continue to disrupt the learning of others. We’ll show you how to change the culture in the classroom and let pupils know that lots of small disruptions will be taken just as seriously as the big ones.

Drawing your line

One of the key elements of building positive relationships is showing that you care enough to establish reasonable and supportive limits. There are lots of different reasons why pupils might disrupt a lesson but only a couple of reasons why you want them to follow some simple instructions:

  • You want to keep them safe
  • You want to help them learn

We’ll help you rapidly increase expectations across school and make sure everyone knows that we’re in this together.

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