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Neil is a secondary science teacher with a number of years’ teaching experience. He contacted Future Behaviour because he was finding one or two of his groups weren’t as cooperative as he’d have liked:

“I can’t recommend the one-to-one training I’ve received from Future Behaviour highly enough – in fact it’s probably kept me in teaching! Previously I found behaviour management a minefield – there’s so much advice out there; from well intending colleagues to self-help books; though what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another, and I felt confused and dispirited.

However, the Zoom sessions with Greg started making a difference from the start. I created a warning system which I felt was fair and consistent. It took away the negative emotion and gave me confidence that I was doing the right thing and in control. I am more specific with my language: more positive and more impactful.

The observation was really clinical – it helped me to identify some of the friction points I hadn’t spotted, and deal with them effectively. The impartiality of it not being done by a Head of Department is also crucial – it’s easier to be honest and open, for both parties.

I can honestly say I really enjoy being in the classroom now and, the best thing is, I reckon my pupils enjoy it too!”

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