Case study – Greenfield Primary School

Kippax Greenfield Primary is a blossoming primary school located on the outskirts of Leeds. Headteacher Kirsty Beresford tells us how ongoing guidance and support have helped her school.

“We introduced Future Behaviour across school from Foundation Stage to Year 6 a number of years ago and saw first-hand the amazing impact it had on children – their behaviour and their learning. Behaviour across school improved quite dramatically in a short space of time. As a staff we had clarity and consistency between all classrooms and the playground, and a system that allowed us to give the children responsibility for their behaviour. We just followed the system. We have continued to use the approach but as staff moved on and we focused on other areas of school it became watered down. It made sense just to bring Greg back in and we relaunched the programme afresh. I needed staff to hear the principles from Greg himself so they received the training in its purest form. This included teachers, learning support staff and the lunchtime team so all staff were clear about the expectations of behaviour and how we would use the system. Since then Greg has returned to do follow up sessions including answering staff questions and training new members of staff. The impact on our school has been fantastic:

1) All staff are active in dealing with behaviour as they have confidence in the system.
2) All the children are clear about the rules, rewards and consequences we follow in school; so much so they have now decided the sanctions for playground behaviour and are more harsh than the staff!
3) School is a calm place to be so we can make learning exciting.

Even though behaviour in school has greatly improved and remains very good we have a regular slot in our training schedule for Greg to return and keep us focusing on our practice. This will keep good behaviour at the heart of everything we do and ensure learning is always maximised.”

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