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Danielle has been using the Future Behaviour approach for a number of years now and talks here about how she has made it the foundation for high quality teaching and learning:

“I was introduced to FB at the very start of my NQT year and was immediately astounded by the simplicity and clarity of the system. It seemed so obvious! Within only a few weeks, I was wondering how I ever managed behaviour before FB! Having been trained and mentored by Greg, I quickly picked up and began using the key teacher phrases and actions which made the system so user friendly. My initial focus was to ensure consistency and to communicate my instructions to the children clearly. Consequently, I found that keeping my emotions in check helped strengthen relationships with challenging students who often received warnings.

After a number of years practicing the system in a school where the approach was firmly embedded, I began teaching in another local school where the Future Behaviour approach had been in use for less than a year. Initially, I found the transition particularly challenging due to the fact that the approach was not fully embedded within the school and therefore my class’s prior experience of their teachers managing behaviour was somewhat different! I quickly went back to basics with FB, working with the children on teaching, modelling and reminding of the rules, explaining the rewards and consequences and in addition designing agreed protocols for activities such as group work, partner work, lining up etc. Being consistent at this time was crucial. After a while, the children responded brilliantly to the system and in turn behaviour improved greatly. Another Future Behaviour triumph!

Moving schools has reinforced to me how important a whole school-approach is in the success of FB. Currently, I work with teachers new to school by training them in the key principles of FB and also by offering observations of my practice to further develop their behaviour management skills.

With this great foundation in place, I can get on with my job: teaching!”

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