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There are three essential elements to effective training. You need them all to really embed your new approach and we’ll make you sure you get them:

1. Define – Policy that works

We’ve distilled behaviour management. Even really effective teachers sometimes don’t know what it is that makes them effective. We do and we’ll tell you.

2. Persuade – The Call to Action

The best policy in the world won’t work if people don’t believe that the policy is the best in the world. Our approach will start to sell itself once in place – but before that, people need convincing. We provide you with both the policy and the tactics of persuasion.

3. Apply – Implementation

So, you’ve got a great approach and staff are on board. Now to embed! We can’t do this for you but we know all the obstacles you’ll come across and we’ll help you get over them, round them or help move them out the way. We’ll be there for you. Although in the end it’s down to you to implement, we have tons of experience from people who have done it before to pass on to you. We’ll even hook you up with real school leaders and real teachers who’ve been there and got the t-shirt.

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